Strategic Business Plans

Environmental Resources Managers Limited (ERML) is a multidisciplinary sustainable development consultancy company established in 1994, with 100% Nigerian ownership.

Think Long-Term

ERML is well positioned to face the challenges of the dynamic sustainable development management field through a well-articulated policy of harmonizing client needs with governmental regulatory requirements. Our goal is to develop full capability in several facets of sustainable development management by adopting state of the art technology, maintaining a highly trained and well-motivated work force, through strategic alliance and other infrastructure all effectively combined towards realization of our key objectives.
In this regard, we have aggressively pursued our goal by making substantial investment in personnel, equipment and other infrastructure. We have also forged co-operative alliances with reputable international and local consulting firms.

We believe that we have enormous potential for growth and expansion. This potential is enhanced by the heightened global awareness of sustainable development concepts. Moreover, the determination of many large organizations to maintain environmentally friendly and socially responsible operations in an operating climate guided by increasingly stricter regulatory requirements and changing Corporate Social Responsibility expectations should assure growth.

The Future, starts today

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