Health & Safety Policy

Environmental Resources Managers Limited (ERML) is a multidisciplinary sustainable development consultancy company established in 1994, with 100% Nigerian ownership.

HSE Policy & Staff Welfare

RML maintains a comprehensive and dynamic health and safety policy designed to exceed all Nigerian statutory regulations and international corporate standards. In addition, we develop special programmes to meet specific project demands.

The full complement of health and safety-related personal protective clothing and equipment are provided to ERML staff involved with oil and hazardous chemical consulting activities as well as other hazards. We routinely provide specialized training designed for Hazardous Waste Operations; and Emergency Response Standards are routinely provided to cover personnel whose specific duties require 40-hour, 24 hour, and/or 8-hour refresher training.

All ERML Employees involved in project execution will be certified by ERML as having successfully completed the required level of classroom and hands-on training for their respective tasks and to meet the applicable laws pertaining to any operation. Training is often provided by in-house safety and occupational health professionals with support from external consultants.

To supplement the training, ERML is developing Occupational Health and Safety programme plans and a medical surveillance programme to support government and commercial projects. These plans also contain the provisions for site-specific health and safety plans, which will be adhered to by ERML personnel